Woyee Film & Theatre Industry

"Striving for Positive Change"


We are a non-political and a non- profit making organization of young and dynamic youths who uses film and theatre to train other peers to become self-reliant, and in turn use these tools to sensitize their communities on topical and thematic issues.



Woyee Film & Theatre Industry started way back in 2000 in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya.

In the early years of its formation, the group was composed of young South Sudanese actors/actress who dedicated their free times from school work to concentrate on acting on stage in the Youth & Culture center which was run by the Lutheran World Federation (L.W.F).

In 2005, Non-Governmental Organization like the National Council of Churches of Kenya began to hire the group to promote awareness on its Reproductive program and subsequently in 2006, the Handicap International that deals with Mine Risk Awareness also used the group talents to project their campaign as South Sudanese were returning home from the camp.

Individuals within the group joined other community based clubs such as the Participatory Video Project (PVP) of FILMAID International which uses the power of film to promote health issues and entertain the refugees. it was after joining this club in 2006 that the members realized their number and passion has increased into both acting on stage and film.

The initial members of about 5 begun to make short films using skills acquired from trainings offered by the FilmAid expertise. The members managed to make 30 short films and other stories which were later shown to the community by FilmAid, thus boosting their morale to take it a course that should be implemented even after the camp closed.

As repatriation began to take toll, most of the members returned home/South Sudan. The group started acting on stage to raise money in order to form an industry.

Finally after 3 years of looking for funding and recognition, the members contribute sum of money which enabled the industry to be register by the government of Southern Sudan in February 2010 as WOYEE FILM & THEATRE INDUSTRY Limited which encompasses of both stage acting and filming.

Woyee’ which is pronounced as “Woyei’ is educed from the orthographic chanting ‘OYEE!’ , a famous quote used during and after the war in Sudan. It's currently used 2 enchant events or persons.

In this context 'Woyee' means; BRAVO or ALUTA CONTINUA...


Based on the desire and need for education, Socio-cultural and Socio-economical progress in South Sudan and inspired by our own beliefs, it deems exertion of intellectual and creative efforts to alleviate and consolidate unity amongst our communities through the power of Films and Theater work,Thus it drove us to the basis of this Industry set up.

We are committed to our African cultural heritage and determine to better our people educationally, culturally and socially to achieve orderliness and behavioral control of human interaction by sowing seeds of harmony, peace and economic prosperity in an equitable society projected by the powers of a Film making industry.


1.Produce local films based on the contemporary set up of South Sudan.

2. Nature young talents on stage Drama; Poetry, Plays, Narratives

3. Expose South Sudan to international investors using documentaries that portray the ecosystem and Agricultural opportunities within the region.

4. Provide basic camera and production techniques to South Sudanese youths to open doors for professional careers or jobs.

5. Engage the youths in Film and Drama festivals within South Sudan

6. Produce local adverts and awareness campaigns that will impact positively on the lives of South Sudanese and Africa.

7. Offer employment opportunities to South Sudanese youths by encouraging creative arts

8.  Collaborate with government and institutions that promote development, democracy and freedom with respect to human rights in enhancing patriotism in South Sudan.



 -Woyee Film & Theatre industry has an hierarchy; from the Executive, Ambassadors and Agents.

1.President: Manage and run the official affairs of the industry

2.Vice President: Deputize the president, and link the industry to urgent matters

3.Secretary General:Keeps all the correspondence of the industry

4.Ambassador for Finance and Welfare:Examines all the financial transactions of  the industry

5.Ambassador for Information and Broadcasting: Renders the official publications of the industry

6.Ambassador for External relations: Surcharge with marketing the industry’s activities both within and outside the region

7.Security ambassadors: Eyes the well-fare and safety of Woyee industry

8.Members: Acts as the engine that runs the activities of Woyee industry to its success

...Empowering the youth to tell their stories to change lives of their communities..